Sunday, August 09, 2009

August 1981 books read

Louise Bogan: Journey Around My Room (ed. Ruth Zimmer)
Paula Fox: Desperate Characters
Doris Grumbach: Chamber Music
Gene Fowler: Good Night Sweet Prince
Henry James: The Awkward Age
Ellen Glasgow: The Woman Within
George Eliot: Felix Holt, the Radical
Alison Lurie: Only Children
K. M. Peyton: Flambards
K. M. Peyton: The Edge of the Cloud
K. M. Peyton: Flambards in Summer
Friedrich Schiller: Don Carlos
Anthony Trollope: Kept in the Dark

James, Eliot, Schiller, and Trollope were not read for the first time and are still part of the household library. The rest were from the Austin Public Library; I wonder how many of them are still among the holdings and how many have been deaccessioned.


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