Wednesday, September 09, 2009

September 1981 books read

Anthony Trollope: The Claverings
George Eliot: Daniel Deronda
Ann Beattie: Falling in Place
Paul Hirshorn and Steven Izenour: White Towers
Ford Madox Ford: The Fifth Queen
Dorothy Hartley: Lost Country Life
Antonia White: Frost in May
Antonia White: The Lost Traveller
Antonia White: The Sugar House
Antonia White: Beyond the Glass
Marge Piercy: Vida
Jim Tom Barton: Eighter from Decatur: Growing up in North Texas
Carol Bly: Letters from the Country

One copy of The Fifth Queen remains in the Austin Public Library system. Trollope and Eliot were re-reads. Antonia White had recently been reprinted in those Virago editions.


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