Monday, August 10, 2009

Sands and tides

Here's more from the scan-o-rama series. There's nothing here as interesting as the photographs of locomotives being loaded aboard ship in connection with The Great War or the images of post cards from the Pershing punitive expedition. These are from a plastic Polaroid camera that took small images. They fell out of a book infrequently taken down from the shelves. The location is Cosey Beach in Momauguin. The subject is Mack when he was a puppy, along about the time he destroyed every shoe in the house. In two pictures both his hind legs and his front legs are stretched out in the sand. The hair that usually fell over his eyes is being blown back away from them. The building visible next door in one image is where the members of the Sons of Garibaldi used to play cards on the porch and had a boccie court out back. In one picture Mack is at the foot of our front steps. When the tides were high, the water would creep up the steps, but it never came in the door.


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