Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jake Pickle mask found

Wow! This has been missing for years. It's from one of those old political rallies that used to be held in Wooldridge Park. Hundreds of people wore these and were photographed doing so, whatever year this was. My various formats of Pickle pins have hidden themselves. I always find long-missing items when searching for something else altogether. Today, it's a stockpiled billfold bought more than a decade ago that I've tried to persuade a Certain Someone to use instead of one that's been disintegrating past the possibility of repair for at least that long. Elastic bands can do only so much. Items that also turned up just in one drawer were a stockpile of beautiful paper-lace doilies of various sizes and shapes, a handsome Boker slide knife that will never replace my stolen Degen (which is why it's in the drawer), a trove of wonderful Swatch designs no longer capable of working even with a new battery, an Ann Richards souvenir inauguration bandana, and a deck of Too Much Coffee Man playing cards.


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