Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brief bulletin from the yarden

This may be the very earliest that we've ever had flowers from paperwhite narcissus in the yard. As always, it's from one of the old pots of forced bulbs just dumped out at some random place, this one in the middle of the grass in the side yard near the fence. Either someone released some or they just hatched on their own, but we've been seeing hundreds of green lacewings, very pretty, joining the honeybees and the monarch butterflies and gulf fritillaries. Peas of various kinds are enjoying this coolor weather, and nasturtiums, mostly the climbing sort, I think, have self-sown themselves in several places. Morning glories love this weather, too, as do many other flowers. The scents of loquat flowers and of hyacinth beans are heavy whenever the air is still. Three small pumpkins are intact, but one smaller one and the two carved as jack-o'-lanterns have sunk away and become diminished. Seeds scooped from them are germinating, and the plants will be pretty for as long as they last.


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