Saturday, November 14, 2009

Modern material culture: cap erasers

This is a bad scan of a unique package; each wheel is visible beneath a clear, vacuum-formed cover. I think that this particular item was found in a gas-station convenience store. We buy some of this type of eraser every year to cover the ends of the pencils used to prop open the transom lights all summer long. They make the pencils into non-skid and non-marking devices. But they do last only one summer, disintegrating over time from the heat. When we went to look more closely at these, we couldn't find it in our hearts to open the package, with its two wheels of erasers, assorted. The assortment of erasers constituting the twin "Cap Eraser Wheels" includes: "4 glitter-caps," "4 glow-in-the-dark caps," "5 Geddes caps," "5 happy caps," and "4 chameleon color-changing caps," or 22 in all. The consistent and proper use of hyphenated compound adjectives is very rare these days. Without opening the package, we'll never know what makes a "happy" cap or what, a "Geddes" cap. Perhaps a Geddes cap is undistinguished by any distinguishing feature. Maybe there's a happy face on the jolly erasers. We are warned that these are a choking hazard and not for children under the age of four. This is "yet another product from Geddes Design Studio," for Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc., of Yellow Brick Road in Baltimore. The back of the package encourages us to "make it fun with Geddes!"


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