Sunday, December 20, 2009

Keeping up the reading pace

We read too many books that we've already read, so I've been trying to find fresh reading. Cloudsplitter was one example, and another is Sanctified and Chicken-Fried (Joe R. Lansdale), which contains some stand-alone stories and some excerpts. I was happy to read Bubba Ho-Tep, especially before seeing the movie, which I do still hope to do one of these days. The Google preview does not sample any Bubba Ho-Tep. Some of these are the sorts of yarns (or derived from them) that guys relate to one another, embellishing with each retelling. I'm now inclined to try one of Lansdale's mysteries. (Note to those who need to know: this stuff is not particularly woman-friendly.) This anthology comes from a university press, yet in it are "peeked" for "peaked" as well as "waddles" for "wattles" when "flews" is the proper word. All pieces in the book are set in Texas, and Lansdale is a great story-teller and does have a wonderful ear for conversation. Here's a bibliography. The library has six copies of "Sanctified" and they're all checked out right now.


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