Monday, October 18, 2010

Newcomers in the pleasure grounds

Leaves of paperwhite narcissi emerged overnight, visible from the catio. These are from the contents of pot of bulbs forced indoors and unceremoniously dumped outdoors years ago. Apart from anemone leaves, now visible everywhere, including in spots where the squirrels moved them, these are the first signs of "spring" flowers. The appearances of these leaves are true signs of the season. All spider lilies and schoolhouse lilies are finished blooming, and they're all shooting up leaves, also. A wonderful surprise is a bloom on one of the old Jackson & Perkins unnamed "experimental" roses. J&P used to offer packages of these mystery varieties at a very low price. This one hasn't bloomed for years. It has no scent, but the flower is a light peachy pink with tinges of buttery yellow. It's pretty as a bud and through all its phases, including being fully open. There are no two years ever the same here at el Mirador.


At 3:36 PM, October 20, 2010, Blogger Annie in Austin said...

The rose sounds like a keeper, Rantor. I've seen a few leaves from paperwhites - they've come back for a few years. It was more surprising to see a ranunculus leaf unfurling...they don't return too often for me.



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