Thursday, September 08, 2011

Unexpected arrivals

We've been trying to water at least two hours on each of the two permitted watering days per week (now down to one day allowed, beginning this week). We have only two hoses (and therefore two sprinklers), and they must be moved about. Water pressure is extremely low this year. It takes some thinking to settle on the spots that need the water the most. Our efforts have had something to do with bringing forth the oxblood lilies, which have now appeared in some profusion in all the places we expect to see them except one, which is always the last; those bulbs came from a different source, mixed in with some old-fashioned jonquil bulbs that grew originally in Bastrop, not from our old neighbor next door. With our watering, we've also encouraged our more unusual rain lilies to appear; so far, we've seen one small golden one (yesterday) and another today, along with three of the very tiny pink rain lilies with pale greenish centers (picture here). The dainty pink ones are all in a clump. There are quite a few of the common medium-sized white liles. The strong winds have borne monarch butterflies to us. They're to be seen fluttering around the milkweeds, both the all-yellow asclepias and the bi-colored variety with red-orange and golden flowers. Milkweed that survived the summer is in flower pots. We're so happy that we have quite a lot for the monarchs.


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