Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Our mystery narcissus remains mysterious

These flowers appeared among the Montopolis narcissus that came from Bastrop all those years ago. They never multiply and in different years they come at different times. Each flower is tiny and there are up to four on each fairly tall and sturdy stem. The scent is similar to that of most narcissi, but carries a tiny hint of lemon. These miniatures have a very pale creamy yellow perianth and a tiny somewhat darker yellow cup. We have never found any for sale in any catalogue. Also appearing for the first time are deep pink hyacinths, near the gate to Mack's yard. Some chile plants are in bloom. They're in pots and haven't been indoors yet this season. Joining the several red anemones is one magenta specimen. We hear cardinals and wrens each of these mornings.


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