Monday, December 19, 2011

RQOTD: random questions of the day

(1) After seeing Joseph Schildkraut in the movie "The Tell-Tale Heart" (not seen in years and years) and realizing that he must have been a stage and perhaps silent-movie actor, I ask this question: "What was the career trajectory of Joseph Schildkraut" and what was his later career in particular? (2) After listening to a great many recordings by David Lee Garza 7 Los Musicales and realizing the number of hits over the years that included vocalist Marcus Orozco and several of his compositions, I ask: "What other vocalist or vocalists have sung with the group?" (3) After beginning to reread "Tales from Shakespeare" by Charles and Mary Lamb for the first time in a great many years, I ask "In what year were these published?" As to question number 1, Joseph Schildkraut did work for a long, long time, according to Imdb. The Tell-Tale Heart might as well have been silent. The most interesting answer to item number 2 is that the vocalist who sounded like Emilio Navaira was Emilio Navira. The answer to number 3 is 1807. The book in which these are now being read was printed to order and also includes retellings by E. Nesbit, which I've never read and never knew existed. I look forward to reading them for the first time. Also included is a little concordance of Shakespeare quotations by topic, with no credit given.


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