Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall, finally

We were greeted by a beautiful clematis flower, maroon with a light border. There are more lycoris radiata (coral spider lily) flowers than we've seen for years. The same is true for oxblood lilies, profuse everywhere. By now, we've probably seen the last of the new flowres on both of these, and the first leaves are beginning to appear among the oxblood lilies. Pink oxalis is showing itself again, complete with flowers. A few days ago, we saw about a dozen black and white warblers. Spider liles make wonderful and long-lasting cut flowers, but we never realized before that unopened  blooms placed in a container of water will unfold from tight buds. We're so glad that we brought the stems knocked down by night creatures indoors. Four o'clocks are happy again and blooming like crazy.


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