Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Small creatures in the pleasure grounds

Once it rained, the armadillo contingent stopped visiting, but there is some nocturnal creature who consumes every small squash or melon as it forms. So far, tomatoes have suffered no damage. We alternate years between anoles predominating and tree lizards predominating. This year, it's anoles that we're seeing everywhere. This morning, we spied one camouflaged among the milkweeds, about halfway through shedding his old skin.We have never seen this before. It begins at the head and the old skin as it splits and is behind shed appears to be a milky color with a greenish cast. We saw few monarch butterflies this spring but there were enough to lay eggs on all the milkweed plants, and the larvae are very visible, growing longer and fatter each day. There are beanlets forming (yellow wax), and yesterday brought our first four o'clock flowers (wonderfully called marvel of Peru in spanish--maravilla del Peru, but marvel of Jalapa in Latin--mirabilis jalapa).


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