Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trespassers and thieves

Hours after we took this picture on 20 July, we went to admire the new pink rain lily again, and it was gone, evidently snipped off, leaving half the stem.

Do these work as cut flowers? We've never cut any of the several kinds of zephyranthes in the yard.

During the past week, we've had people pick wild sunflowers and fennel in addition to this beautiful flower. Someone also stole a survey flag.

We don't know if the rude people doing these things are "hotel" guests or just new arrivals from some California suburb.

These days, we put very little in the front yard and reserve all the best for the back and side yards.

We continue to enjoy the sight of hummingbirds every day. The very largest figs are gone, thanks to the creatures, but they're willing to leave the smaller ones to become larger.


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