Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just like my pen, only not quite

The above provides a comparison between a printed image of a pen (in an illustration appearing in last Sunday's NYT magazine) and a scan of an actual pen in my possession, a pen used for decades and decades by a member of my family, and then for quite some time by me. The pen in the picture appears to be "golden pearl," while the actual pen scanned for the image is "azure pearl." These are Parker Vacumatic pens. The blue striated lacquer pen was a gift, one given when these pens were new, in 1940. The arrow on the clip is handsome, and so is the arrow inscribed on the nib. This pen is small and finely balanced in the hand. This is a better picture of an azure blue pearl pen than my scan. Pens were very far from being disposable items when this one was new, and for a very long time thereafter.


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