Monday, January 07, 2002

So it's a good thing that I had already mentally allocated the entire morning, because that's how long it took. First at the dentist's there was insistence on taking x-rays. I know they have ones more recent than two years ago, but they were not to be found. Then there was some kind of techno-diff with that. Then the cleaning took longer than ever and hurt more too. I dashed outside with only a few minutes to spare before the bus was scheduled to arrive. Heading toward the bus stop was a woman obviously a bit drunk or under the influence of something, at a little after nine o'clock in the morning. She kept turning around to thumb a ride, and caught one just a few feet from the stop. The Cap Metro conveyance was right on the dot and the driver and passengers were pleasant. The transfer to the next bus was uneventful. It was full and everyone disembarked in front of H-E-B, where a busload was waiting to get on. H-E-B kindly does not make people pass through the turnstiles to use its restrooms. I waited six minutes to be able to cross the street to the bank, arriving before 9:30. That's when the fun started. It was a simple matter of withdrawing some money from one account, writing a check from another account, and either joining these two sums in a new account or, depending on how the grace-period rule was applied, in an existing account, making sure all took place and was recorded properly under my four-part name. There was disagreement about the grace period. The account person was new. The help-line kept transferring her. She received two different answers about the grace period of seven calendar days. Her connection timed out. Her computer crashed. We moved to another desk. All three of the requisite forms were not to be found. Nobody knew the answers to any of the questions that needed to be answered. The branch manager tried the help line. There was trouble with my name. I began to be in pain from my dental experience. The manager brought me water so I could take aspirin that I had with me. The printer printed the wrong results from the input to the account database. I began feeling worse, probably from all the blood I had swallowed, not to mention the over-heated room. The manager obviously began to regret having intervened to assist. I began to feel faint and had to put my head down. More calls were made long-distance to the assistance people, wherever they were. Each call was preceded by an elaborate and lengthy authentication process. At last I was told that the matter was properly concluded. I can only hope. It was after 11:30. I asked to use their restroom, hoping that I wouldn't have to cross the street again to use the one at H-E-B. I made the mistake of saying that I was walking home, whereupon both women looked at me oddly since I had not long ago been feeling obviously faint! I waited six minutes to cross Congress and helped a little boy cross. The walk home was beautiful and, even though I stopped to greet the Labrador at Mr. Edwards's old house, I was home by noon. Whew!


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