Sunday, May 19, 2002

We had no intention at all of leaving the house, but the paper had a circular showing a sale for hand-tools. This week saw the end of my 30+-year-old long-handled cultivator, my "claw." I suppose that, if I could find a good ash handle, I might be able to fasten the forging to it. We were tempted by a dandelion/weed-digger on a long handle; we'd only ever seen short-handled ones. While we were there, we inspected all the non-power reel mowers. The one that's equivalent to my mower now has a lot of plastic parts and costs $189 dollars. Mine cost $45 when new and is a better piece of equipment, no plastic hubcaps. K. and I both had both had a Gilbert Chemistry set. I followed the experiments; he did a lot of messing around. The owner of MGM Indian foods recommends Lagaan highly. He stocks mostly DVDs these days.


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