Sunday, July 07, 2002

In one day, the solid-waste crew destroyed our 60-gallon trash can and our bin. The cover's ripped off the trash can so that the rain and the flies enter without hindrance. Each corner of the blue bin is ripped nearly down to the ground. So we stopped by the firehouse to get a new recycle bin. South Congress station was out, but someone kindly called several other firehouses, eventually locating a bin at the Riverside station. . Evidently, the City is very low on replacement bins now. The firefighters are eager to chat but don't like having Solitaire seen. I've always thought that people required to be in a state of readiness need some liberty and I've always told people that quiet occupations on the computer are to be preferred over, for example, personal telephone calls. Some statoins have more than one giant-screen TV; others don't bother much with TV at all.


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