Wednesday, August 28, 2002

It's been back to an e-mail a week to the one domain, now that people are thinking about the end of summer and the beginning of better travel weather or are heading for Austin to start school or take up a new job. These are in addition to the fairly frequent requests to be listed. What's surprising is the uptick in mail to Rantor, most of it referring to the Rant-O-Mat blog. The most eccentric mail to Rantor was football-related, from a person who cared deeply about the subject. The most cherished link was from a holder of another "mat" domain, and now I can't remember what it was, perhaps someplace out of the USA. He linked to other "o-mat" and "a-mat" realms as well as to "matic" and similar domains. Now addressed to Rantor in the capacity of founding member of the International League of Luddites comes mail asking for a mention of the Luddites band, and seeking a link to some Luddite music, gladly bestowed. Naturally, curiosity compelled a resort to Google. There'll be no mention of the writer's name, but the domain whence came the e-mail is "lexical" in nature. Just as there's said to be a cross-correlation between music and mathematics, there has always seemed to me to be one between music and the "legistical." Vide austin's own Bar & Grill Singers. Again, no names, no pack-drill, Google finds a person of the same appellation associated with events at Mount Carmel, which is perhaps why the name seemed familiar. At any rate, the Luddites, evidently not spending overmuch time with brain-liquefying weedwhackers or leafblowers and therefore realizing their full potential as human beings, specialize in clever titles. A listen to the music must come later, but you can see that I'm saving that link.


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