Wednesday, August 21, 2002

We're still trying to obtain those necessary documents. The letter and forms went off from the downtown post office on July 5, as soon as possible, complete with all sorts of supporting paperwork that would be very difficult to assemble again if lost. A week went by. Nothing. Another week went by. Nothing. And yet more time passed with no news. With the July statement for the account on which the check was drawn was returned the check sent on July 5. It had not been deposited until July 23. On behalf of another party in interest, a state representative made a call to the ever-so-slow department. After a delay came the information that the matter was "logged in for processing" on July 19. This was at last confirmed in writing. Then we were told that the "research bureau" would have to look into the matter in order for us to be told what the "possible turn-around time" would be. This immediately spelled "l-o-s-t" to us. But no: we were assured that such is not the case. We have still not heard when, or whether, we may expect all to be completed. Once the matter has been "processed," whatever that may mean, we are told that it will take from seven to ten days for the paperwork to reach us. We have still not heard from the "research bureau."


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