Sunday, October 27, 2002

SR will be interested in knowing that Ann Cole's version of Got My Mo-Jo Working, courtesy of Paul Ray. There's a lot out there on the Mo-Jo copyright. KVET played a tribute to the Statler Brothers yesterday, in honor of the end of their touring career. The only times I've ever eaten "boughten" fried chicken was when we used to take it, as everybody did, to those great touring multi-act shows that included Loretta Lynn solo, Conway Twitty solo, Loretta and Conway together, the Statler Brothers, and then acts that varied each time the headliners came through--always a sold-out house and always lots of chicken. The shows were so long that they started early and that's why people took food in. Conway and Loretta karaoke items appear to be popular, even after all this time. This is the weekend when I climb up and close the transoms for the season. Transom hardware would be great sometime; the come-ons always tout that it ends the need to climb up on something to open and close the transoms. When a search is done on "transom hardware" there are obviously marine results as well. I'm not going to take time to look, but I bet that some of it has to do with mounting outboard motors.


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