Thursday, July 31, 2003

Could have been worse

Grateful for the merciful treatment in the Yale Law Report, we can now turn our attention to other trivialities. It's never too late to learn the potential for misunderstandings arising from seemingly innocuous e-mail. >>>>Nothing but the salty and the cold has any appeal in these temperatures (over 100 degrees now). We stay awake as long as we can manage, sometimes reading out in the screen pavilion and sometimes reading and listening to KKLB Tejano under the ceiling fan. If it gets too bad, we can always adjourn to the Austin Motel (our first home in Austin) or to the Hotel San Jose for a night of air-conditioned splendor. Just knowing we can do it if we really need to makes the non-air-conditioned life feel cooler! By the way, I love the new Austin Motel FAQ.


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