Saturday, July 31, 2004

Ramah in New Mexico but not for free

The August New Mexico magazine looks at Ramah, Alamo, and Canoncito, and makes some provocative comments. Maybe by next month, this article will be on line for free, once the August issue has left the newsstand: "Living on the Edge: Navajo satellite chapters seek own destiny" is that it's called. The Ramah chapter has a beginning website. In that same issue (or perhaps another), there's mention of a book called The Other State, New Mexico USA (Richard McCord; Sunstone Press), which appears to be one of those potpourri collections, perhaps of already published magazine articles. We were trying to figure out where the brutal Ramah murder described might have happened. Somebody involved froze pretty much solid overnight. K. thought it might be the location of the Cowboy Stopover; my thinking was that it was down on the checkerboard lands out by the roadhouse between Ramah and Zuni land or maybe out by Tinaja.


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