Saturday, July 03, 2004

Techno disappointment

Belatedly we acquired a color television (13"). Belatedly we acquired one with a remote control. Belatedly we acquired a video recorder, using it at first to delay watching the umpteenth reruns of Perry Mason episodes and then telenovelas. When there were Sunday-morning Tejano shows (Puro Tejano; Johnny Canales), we used to tape them. Now they've all gone to cable, which we don't have, but somewhere we have some astonishing Eddie Gonzalez tapes from when he was still with Sonny Sauceda's Grupo Vida. There will no doubt come a time when a DVD player makes its way into the household. In the meantime, however, Pedazo Chunk, despite its wealth of the sort of stuff that we love to see, even on a 13-inch television) will have nothing for us, since it has no videotapes.


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