Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Vinyl variety

Somehow the turntable was knocked half off its table. Now it's back where it's supposed to be, and it does work. This I know, having tested it by playing The pulse of Tanam: chana raga panchakam (Elektra Nonesuch H-72032)  and Corridos y Rancheras by Los Madrugadores del Valle (Discos Joey 2092-LP). The accordionist plays in the style of Ramon Ayala. The Nonesuch came home from CBS; the Joey was bought at one of three places on Congress Avenue downtown: Woolworth's, Strait Music, or the other music store that used to be there. This is old-style and great, a reminder of the days when there were three conjunto bars on Sixth Street west of IH-35: the Green Spot, the JJJ, and a third one. There was always live music floating out into the air on Sunday afternoons.


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