Tuesday, June 22, 2004

With bleary eyes

Also screened at the Escapist Home Film Fest were yet more K. selections to distract the immobilized. The Princess Comes Across (on an ocean liner, that is) stars Carole Lombard (she of the bulging forehead) and Fred McMurray (who has always reminded me of Richard M. Nixon). I'd classified this as a very labored grade Z but still enjoy the 1936 atmosphere. Tight Spot, very obviously from a play (confirmed, when the credits rolled: Dead Pigeon), is reported to be later than one would have thought (1954). Ginger Rogers was very good, as were Edward G. Robinson and Brian Keith. This is not my favorite period, but this b&w is much better than one would expect. Fashion warning: it's the era of shirtwaists and petticoats; even the women's prison garb is wasp-waisted; the men are still wearing felt hats. And then there was the creepy, over-the-top with plot twists Wild Things. Every actor in it is very evidently having a great time chewing the scenery, which is Floridian, by the way.


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