Saturday, June 19, 2004

Drumlines in Austin

It's a beautiful day for a Juneteenth parade. The shady side of the street was the most densely populated. The bands were wonderful: two from Beaumont, one from Louisiana, one from Hearne, one from Forth Worth, one from Houston. The mayor and the city manager rode in one car. Carole Keeton McClellan Rylander Strayhorn followed the two color guards, one military and one made of up G.A.R. re-enactors. Last night's battle of the bands and drumline competition was named in honor of Alvin Patterson, who single-handedly founded the old L. C. Anderson high school band. One of the more amazing sights was that of Stanley Knee, Austin's police chief, walking along the route and handing out candy to children. It's sad to see all the empty lots where houses once stood, with sidewalks leading to no front door. Where we were standing, there was an old-fashioned cream-colored oleander in bloom, just like ours.


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