Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Playing hooky

Gadding about, we renewed library books at Cepeda, bought watermelon from a pickup on Pleasant Valley, voted at the Riverside ACC campus, and went to a movie. The grower had both seeded and seedless varieties. It's K.'s theory that the ones with seeds have more flavor. The Ruiz library was just as busy as Cepeda. There was a sort of break in the weather, so a few people were out on the golf course, which once belonged to the Austin Country Club. We hadn't been all the way out to the campus since it was being built. The old golf-course clubhouse is dwarfed by the ACC buildings. The election judges said that the weather had knocked down all the direction signs. We really had a look around a lot to find where to vote. Kill Bill: Vol. 2 wasn't as good as Vol. 1. The best segments were with the old martial-arts sensei, in the trailer, and involving Michael Madsen. Uma Thurman's not-pretty feet took the foreground again in a couple of scenes. Carradine was excruciating: "Schufferin' Schuccotash!"


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