Thursday, June 03, 2004

Modern vacuum technology and alabaster

Upon stopping by the house, we found a Dig-N-Vac and a truck from Miller Pipeline. The slip of paper stuck in the screen door reports that this work is on behalf of Texas Gas (better known, still, as Southern Union), to provide "maintenance and a safer product." In some cases, the ultrasound locator devices don't seem to be all that accurate in finding the T-cap or T-joint, or whatever it is, leading from the street to the meter. In some places, two or three potholes have been excavated quite close together. One supposes that eventually all will be backfilled, but in the meantime there are circular raised metal plates, held by two bolts, that sit quite high above normal pavement level. Alabaster is the theme of the thirty-seventh anniversary. The day was spent "undimmed by human tears" or any other kind, at least around here.


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