Saturday, May 29, 2004

From Ilium to the land of Mean Girls

After sitting through fifty kazillion previews, we suddenly realized, just as the movie was beginning, that we were in the room screening Troy, not the one showing Mean Girls. No wonder the audience had seemed so peculiar. We'd gone there to get into some air-conditioned space. The three guys holding up the bowl are now holding up a bowl of two-dimensional flames, outlined in lights at night. We tried out the Kodak stickerprint machine that takes a photograph against the chosen background and then turns it into stickers. We didn't try the Leonardo machine, which uses a photographic image that it embellishes using a PhotoShop-like program, with the result intended to resemble a pencil or charcoal sketch. There's been a sticker machine at Dobie for quite a long time, but this is the first we've tried one.


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