Thursday, May 27, 2004

A consumer index or two

Our oldest consumer index is the rate of limes to the dollar, which ranges from six, when limes are extremely expensive, to 20, when they're cheap. This is an important index for a margarita-consuming household. Another index is the Fast Freddy's corte de pelo, from a low of $4 for a haircut, to a high of $8. The index always moves a full dollar at a time. I'm not sure whether we're at $6 or $7 right now. Fast Freddy has a rival these days, Benny's corte de pelo. At any rate, another vehicle blocked the sign so it couldn't be read completely, but the Fast Freddy on South Congress near H-E-B has moved, to another location on South Congress, it appeared to say. Freddy did good business there, but the landlord must have upped the rent.


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