Sunday, June 06, 2004

"90% of the time it's squirrels"

That was the word from the grizzled veteran of "Austin Energy," as the City-owned utility department is now pleased to call itself. He appeared not five minutes after the call. We had heard a series of seven loud pops before the power went out completely. I thought it was a neighbor bouncing from one level of the roof to another, having tripped over the cord of the whining electric leaf blower that had been in use all day. K. had thought it was gunshots. B. hadn't really heard the noise, but had just noticed the dimming. The outage seemed to affect just seven households, including the house up the hill built around an oak tree where we once lived. Luckily, the transformer was back in action in practically no time. B. had activated his air-conditioning for the season just the day before, so he wasn't going to suffer, and we don't have air-conditioning at any time, but all those farther up the hill were very unhappy. It was wonderful to have power restored because we had just stocked up the fridge for the week.


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