Monday, June 07, 2004

Installation success

The little cheapo camera has been installed successfully, no mean trick with an ancient version of Windows and a sketchy instruction manual. The Concord Eye-Q mini-camera is hooked up, the driver actually has been found, the device is recognized, and the photographs are transferred, almost instantaneously. This little item mimics a much more expensive Canon model. It has no flash and no display, and it's "focus-free," as the promotional material announces. Without a flash, indoor photographs require a lot of natural light, because artificial light results in a photograph lying mostly in the red and yellow parts of the spectrum. Color quality is really not bad, and the fuzzy effect of low resolution is appealing for some subjects. The greatest thing about this camera is its cheapness, size, and ease of use. It fits in a pocket and has just two controls: one to turn it on and one to press to take the picture. Surprisingly, it activates quickly. This will do just fine while better cameras become cheaper and cheaper.


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