Friday, June 11, 2004

Justifying the existence of the electric piano

What'd I Say must be on anybody's list of the top five songs that every successful cover band is required to know. (A couple of others that spring to mind are Oop-boop-a-do and Walkin' the Dog.) I wonder whether anybody has ever compiled a list of every one of the Raelettes. He said that his vocal influences were Nat Cole and Charles Brown. This site claims to offer 20 hits in a continuous stream, courtesy of Rhino Records, but it's overloaded today. The Rhino direct stream works. B. owned all the Atlantic and all the early ABC Paramount albums. It's a shame that KAZI was off the air this morning (probably because of the storms) and so the Breakfast Club wasn't available. The guys would have had plenty to say on plenty of topics, including this one and the stuff going on in D.C. Maybe next week. In the meantime, maybe Paul Ray will give us a Twine Time that's all Ray Charles.


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