Tuesday, June 15, 2004


We've been sending lots of business the way of the cab companies. Drivers so far have included a middle-aged hill guy with ten acres outside Elgin, a tough Latina of a certain age, a perpetual student who has spent time in Taiwan, a guy who had recently negotiated a great fare deal from his perspective for a ride to Houston, and many, many more. K. went off without his required referral document on one of these jaunts. Luckily there was someone around to notice the left-behind item, someone who ascertained the fax number and persuaded the person at the other end of the telephone line that a facsimile is as good as an original in such cases, and someone who can operate MightyFax in conjunction with the ancient scanner, which does not always initialize. MightyFax may once have been free; then it was very, very cheap. It has been a lifesaver many, many times.


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