Monday, June 21, 2004


An immobilized person must be Vulcanized. For the person without cable television, once the telenovela has been watched, there's nothing else left for the viewing pleasure of the person unable to hold up a book or magazine. If Vulcan Video doesn't have it, then we won't be seeing it. The first was a crummy Tai Seng badly cut Jet Li that may have been called The Assassin King or Killer Angel or something along those lines. We've seen at least parts of it in one version or another, because we remember all the business with the old man and the wheelbarrow, the elevator shaft, and the villain (Paul Rapovski) with the blinding ring and shoe. Eric Tsang was in it; a younger Eric was in the Lucky Stars movie that we saw. This Lucky Stars had some brief Jackie Chan scenes; beyond that it was all Sammo's. Sammo Hung directed, starred in, and co-wrote Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind. This was a beautiful print and very, very funny, with inventive fights and stunts and a wondrous fairy-tale quality. One of my favorite scenes in it was the hopping mummy. K. loved the dueling fraternal wizards. Yuen Biao was in this and the Lucky Stars movie also.


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