Sunday, June 27, 2004

With the duke of Plaza-Toro

The Gondoliers, this year's production by the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin, was mercilessly panned in the Statesman by some ignorant person. That did not seem to affect turnout. There was another of this season's torrential downpours just before the show was to begin, but the house was quite full nonetheless. The performance space is on the campus of the Texas School for the Deaf. Not long ago, the hall was probably one of the newest buildings; now, it's one of the oldest. The seats allowed for plenty of leg room. The acoustics were not of the best, but they were better than the old Scottish Rite Temple and not much worse than at St. Stephen's School. The set and custumes were professionally done and vey good. There was also professional choreography, which added a great deal of pleasure to the occasion and used the small, raked stage very well. We always love the small pit band. All of the singers were excellent, though we don't care much for the particular quality of one voice, and the acting was excellent also. In these unhappy times, an opportunity to laugh and to be with others who are amused really does brighten the day. It's a sort of miracle that the State has not leased out this beautiful piece of property, as it has leased or sold other pieces of valuable real estate, some held in trust for the people of Texas since the days of the independent Republic.


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