Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Canadian garb, elfin garb, and yard garb

These are manifestations of wardrobe peculiarity. Canadian garb is characterized by men with beards and black- or clear-framed spectacles who wear shorts, black socks, and sandals. For some reason, Canadian garb is often sported by Australians, also. In bird-watching terms, it's bearded Canadians who wear Canadian garb. Elfin garb can happen to anyone. A common occasion is when random garments are tossed on to make a night run to the Whip-In and upon coming into the light it's discernible that every item of clothing is somehow red or green or both at once. Yard garb can be worn only in the center of the yard or on the side or back porch where nobody not a very close friend or relative is likely to approach. Yard garb appears to be intact from a distance but would be indecent up close. It has holes in revealing places but is otherwise too good to be thrown away. A bad wardrobe is one that contains too many of these elements in too large a proportion. These are not the clothes that would tend to make a good impression on a stranger.


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