Friday, April 08, 2005


OPD stands for "other people's driveways." It's bad enough that idiots are behind the wheels of vehicles they have no idea how to manage. It's bad enough that these vehicles have high and very bright lights. It's bad enough that people don't know enough not to have their high beams on in the heart of town. It's bad enough that people know nothing about parallel parking. It's bad enough that they're suburb-reared idiots who never give a thought to going around the block if they're too impaired to make a U-turn, if they're ever capable of making one at all. No; they use OPDs to get turned around. And they shine their stupid over-bright lights right into people's houses. And they're such bad drivers that they can't even deal with the width of a driveway. They scrape the curbs. They break down the curbs and the driveways themselves. They drive over people's plants and flowers. I want a set of evil, vicious tire- and vehicle-destroying spikes that will rise up beneath trespassing vehicles and wreak serious and expensive damage.


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