Friday, April 22, 2005

Readings from Club Desvelado

From Metropolis magazine, The Cruise Ship Diaries (Karrie Jacobs) entertained, especially the great quest to find the elevator deck taking one to the crew's quarters and the crew-only watering hole. This Karrie Jacobs is the very same person who wrote so entertainingly about toothpaste proliferation. She is probably the reason that we maintain this subscription. In the New Yorker (18 April 2005), the incomparable John McPhee is given enough space to enlighten about the problems inherent in transporting live lobsters (with many fascinating digressions), "sortation" at the UPS hub, and supply-chain and logistics management, among many, many other topics. Not that it's been publicized, but a candidate for the Austin city council put in a PIR request that's up at the City website, for names and titles of all City employees with salaries of $85,000 and over. The reader must download and sort by amount and then by department in order to reveal the true beauty of this little item, which is just one among several linked from this page of PIRs.


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