Monday, April 18, 2005

Let and let's

The sheet music was probably among the few selected to be kept because of the cover art, but so far the only listing for that is "artist unknown." This must have been quite a popular tune since so many copies of the music still exist after all this time. When following up to learn that Let's Keep The Glow in Old Glory is from 1918, I found several collections of sheet music on the Web. The following exhortations are from what's available in San Jose, California.

Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella On a Rainy Day (Piano)
Fain, Sammy; Kahal, Irving;Wheeler, Francis full entry

Let All My Life Be Music (Piano)
Spross, Charles Gilbert; Moore, Elizabeth full entry

Let It Be Forgotten (Piano)
Sacco, John; Teasdale, Sara full entry

Let It Be You (Piano)
Kingsford, Charles; Teasdale, Sara full entry

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Piano)
Styne, Jule; Cahn, Sammy full entry

Let Me Awake (Piano)
Schubert, Franz; Berte, Heinrich; Donnelly, Dorothy full entry

Let Me Be Your Honey Bee! (Piano)
Lowitz, John; Lewis, S.M. full entry

Let Me Be Your Rain Beau (Piano)
Hansen, Clarence; Nathan, Norman; Hansen, Clarence; Nathan, Norman full entry

Let Me Bring My Clothes Back Home (Piano)
Jones, Irving; Jones, Irving full entry

Let Me Call You Sweetheart (I'm In Love With You) (Piano)
Friedman, Leo; Whitson, Beth Slater full entry

Let Me Die on the Deep (Piano)
Dewey, James; Reese, Lowell Otus full entry

Let Me Dream Again (Piano)
Sullivan, Arthur; Stevenson, B.G. full entry

Let Me Go Back (Piano)
Jerome, Ben; Stoddard, George;Taylor, Charles full entry

Let Me Go Remembering (Piano)
Dungan, Olive; Gore, Gertrude full entry

Let Me Go, Lover! (Piano)
Carson, Jenny Lou; Carson, Jenny Lou;Hill, Al (special lyrics) full entry

Let Me Have My Dreams (Piano)
Akst, Harry; Clarke, Grant full entry

Let Me Hear the Songs My Mother Used To Sing (Piano)
Gabriel, Edward; Gordon, Janet full entry

Let Me Kiss Your Tears Away Mama Dear (Piano)
Engelke, Sandy; Buck, Richard Henry full entry

Let Me Linger Longer In Your Arms (Piano)
Baer, Abel; Friend, Cliff full entry

Let Me Love Thee (Piano)
Arditi, Luigi; Maynard, Walter full entry

Let Me Remember Music (Piano)
McKay, Francis; Russell, Sydney King full entry

Let me rest in the land of my birth (Piano)
Harroway, J.; Jefferus, C. full entry

Let Me Sing and I'm Happy (Piano)
Berlin, Irving; Berlin, Irving full entry

Let my song fill your heart (Piano)
Charles, Ernest; Charles, Ernest full entry

Let not your heart be troubled (Piano)
Fairchild, Helen full entry

Let the bells keep ringing (Piano)
Anka, Paul; Anka, Paul full entry

Let the end of the world come tomorrow (as long as you love me today) (Piano)
Ball, Ernest; Cunningham, Paul full entry

Let the hills and vales resound (Piano)
Richards, Brinley; Cooper, Geo. full entry

Let the little ones come unto me (Piano)
Turner-Maley, Florence; Luke, J. full entry

Let the rest of the world go by (Piano)
Ball, Ernest; Brennan, J. Keirn full entry

Let there be peace on earth (let it begin with me) (Piano)
Miller, Sy; Jackson, Jill; Miller, Sy; Jackson, Jill full entry

Let us boys fight for our nation! (and stick to the U.S.A.) (Piano)
Gensburger, Fred; Haimovitch, Victor full entry

Let Us Dance on the Sands (Piano)
Glover, Stephen; Carpenter, J.E. full entry

Let's all be good pals together (for when you're gone you're gone a long long time) (Piano)
Erdman, Ernie; Davis, Benny full entry

Let's all sing like the birdies sing (Piano)
Evans, Tolchard; Hargreaves, Robert;Damerell, Stanley full entry

Let's Bring New Glory to Old Glory (Piano)
Warren, Harry; Gordon, Mack full entry

Let's Call It a Day (Piano)
Brown, Lew; Henderson, Ray; Brown, Lew; Henderson, Ray full entry

Let's call it all a dream (Piano)
Powell, Ted; Pollack, Lew; Powell, Ted; Pollack, Lew full entry

Let's Dance (Song)
Herzer, Wallie full entry

Let's Dine Alone Tonight (Piano)
Keil, Ruth Sylvia; Keil, Ruth Sylvia full entry

Let's Forget (and be sweethearts again) (Piano)
Whiting, Richard; Lewis, Al full entry

Let's Get Away From It All (Piano)
Dennis, Matt; Adair, Tom full entry

Let's Get Friendly (Piano)
Dougherty, Dan; Yellen, Jack;Silvers, Sid full entry

Let's Get Lost (Piano)
McHugh, Jimmy; Loesser, Frank full entry

Let's get on a merry-go-round (Piano)
Handman, Lou; Grossman, Bernie full entry

Let's Give Love Another Chance (Piano)
Lombardo, Carmen; Magidson, Herb; Lombardo, Carmen; Magidson, Herb full entry

Let's Go (Piano)
Fuller, Arthur; Thompson, C.M. full entry

Let's Go (Piano)
Schertzinger, Victor; Richman, Harry full entry

Let's Go Fishing (My Dear) (Piano)
Dattilo, V.; Roberts, K.M. full entry

Let's Go For Broke (Piano)
Owens, Harry; Owens, Harry full entry

Let's Go Native (Piano)
Whiting, Richard; Marion, Geo. Jr. full entry

Let's go out in the open air (Piano)
Ronell, Ann; Ronell, Ann full entry

Let's go out on a jamboree (Piano)
Deely, Ben; Deely, Ben full entry

Let's Go Sparkin' (Piano)
Dean, Eddie; Blair, Hal; Dean, Eddie; Blair, Hal full entry

Let's Go To Spoonland (Piano)
Mason, Laura; Mason, Laura full entry

Let's go to the Mardi-Gras (Piano)
Bove, J. Henry; Bove, J. Henry full entry

Let's grow old together (Piano)
Nelson, Bob; Nelson, Bob full entry

Let's have a Georgia honeymoon (Piano)
Lee, Bobby; Benson, Carver full entry

Let's keep the glow in Old Glory (and the free in freedom too) (Piano)
Speroy, Robert; Nesbit, Wilbur full entry

Let's Love (Piano)
Gebhardt, Wm.; Burke, John full entry

Let's make love while the moon shines (Piano)
Harris; Robinson; Harris; Robinson full entry

Let's make up and be sweethearts again (Piano)
Bafunno, Antonio; Maguire, Sylvester full entry

Let's Pretend (Piano)
Nolan, Bob; Nolan, Bob full entry

Let's Pretend It's True (Piano)
Ward, Edward; Wright, Bob;Forrest, Chet full entry

Let's Put Out The Lights (And Go To Sleep) (Piano)
Hupfeld, Herman; Hupfeld, Herman full entry

Let's Sail to Dreamland (Piano)
Kogen, Harry; Busse, Henry; Holzer, Lou full entry

Let's Sing Again (Piano)
McHugh, Jimmy; Kahn, Gus full entry

Let's Spend an Evening At Home (Piano)
Barris, Harry; Freed, Arthur full entry

Let's Start All Over (Piano)
Webster, M. Coates; Webster, M. Coates full entry

Let's start all over again (Piano)
Howard, Joseph; Behm, Arthur; Howard, Joseph; Behm, Arthur full entry

Let's Stay Together (Piano)
Mitchell, Willie; Green, Al; Mitchell, Willie; Green, Al full entry

Let's take a walk around the block (Piano)
Arlen, Harold; Gershwin, Ira;Harburg, E.Y. full entry

Let's take the long way home (Piano)
Arlen, Harold; Mercer, Johnny full entry

Let's talk about my sweetie (Piano)
Donaldson, Walter; Kahn, Gus full entry

Let's wait for the last train home (Piano)
Piani, Harry; Cunningham, Paul full entry

Let's Wander Away (Piano)
Burtnett, Earl; Owens, Harry; Burtnett, Earl; Owens, Harry full entry

I'm still trying to find that sheet music for Moon Moths with the pretty moth-girls on the cover.


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