Sunday, April 10, 2005


The best update on the saga of Burt's Bees is in MORE magazine. The owner shuns the simple life these days. Winters in North Carolina aren't good enough; now she spends them in West Palm Beach, Florida. She sold the biggest share of the company. The most successful product is currently tinted lip gloss. Ms. Quimby seems to harbor a degree of contempt for Down Easters, although she once contemplated running to be governor of Maine on the Green ticket. And then there's the wonderful feature (author, Joshua Davis) in Wired about a team of high-school kids from the barrios of Phoenix who entered a robotics contest and won. Somebody should acquire the rights to this story for a screenplay. Too bad the kids, all being born on the wrong side of the border, aredn't eliglble for the modest degree of assistance required to advance their futures. MORE comes into the house to fulfill a subscription to some expired periodical, I forget which. Sometimes, I consider not renewing Wired, which is not at all as much fun as it once was, but then there's something truly interesting. I see that there's a posting about the robotics story at DailyKos. The Sunday NYT piece on Blackmun by Linda Greenhouse excerpted from a forthcoming book was fascinating for its quotations from his papers. The angle was his evolving views on Roe and also the advent of Day O'Connor and Bader Ginsburg. Frontiero is also discussed in the article. As best as can be recalled, there were seven females admitted with K., and we could think of five of them.


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