Sunday, April 17, 2005

Speaking of green stuff

Another item in yesterday's mail was yet another offer to pay cash for the house. Usually these are addressed to "occupant" or "owner" and name no specific figure. This one was different, naming names and numbers. Are others receiving these? Or just people whose houses appear to be on the larger lots? There are more and more teardowns, along with additions that are four and five times larger than the original house; and there is more and more construction of additional habitations behind or beside existing dwellings, with and without permits. Trees are being felled weekly. This will pick up once the new appraisal notices are in the mail. It wasn't that long ago that financial institutions, with the exception of one, would not lend here, so that lots of cash up front and the willingness of sellers to bear some of the mortgage burden were all that allowed property transfers to take place. The "smart" people were moving to N-P-C or Bill Milburn or even John Lloyd. Now "they" are trying to move the riffraff out so that the speculators can move in. I haven't noticed that there's any pressure from, or smoothing of the way by, the City for "urban infill" on Niles Road, for instance.


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