Monday, June 12, 2006

A random walk

We've been playing old albums just as encountered, at least ones that aren't packed away in cartons. They were never properly rearranged last time around, so sometimes we're pulling out a plum and sometimes not. One of the albums I'm hoping to find is Taj Mahal doing the Fishin' Blues, just because it's a happy song. The old tube stereo setup is working very well right now for some reason, with excellent sound reproduction. When it's so hot, this is a good way to drown out the horrible noise of neighbors' air-conditioning units and yard equipment, not to mention helicopters, dump trucks, construction workers getting in that last bit before the sun really goes down, and all the rest of the noxious ambient noise. I've never appreciated the codger element of Taylor's voice and don't love every song on SKAO 3352, but each is beautifully produced and worth hearing. This is James Taylor's first effort, on Apple, produced by Peter Asher, and his musicianship is impeccable. Asher and McCartney sit in on some of this. I'll always love Carolina in My Mind. Others select Rainy Day Man as the favorite.


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