Sunday, September 10, 2006

Game day

Everyone encountered was very pleasant and Austin felt like a small town again. It's as frightening and dangerous as ever to travel on foot from one side of IH-35 to the other, even by the "best" routes, ones with the narrowest crossings and the most traffic signals. This is certainly by design. We were laughing about people setting out objects at their driveway turn-ins, not so much to keep people from parking in front of and blocking the driveway as to keep bad drivers in giant, heavy vehicles from using them to turn around in rather than just drive around the block. These are the people who leave broken curbs and driveway pavement, tracks in lawns and gardens, and scrape marks. It was too bad to miss what may have been great band music but the attempt was pleasant. All those pale Ohio people will be sunburned when they get home.


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