Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rounding up the info-bits

I've been fooling around with EverNote. My copy of my beloved InfoSelect (once Tornado) is too ancient to be upgraded and I decided that it's too expensive to begin anew right now. OneNote would mean giving money to MicroSoft, which gets too much already. So far I've been enjoying EverNote, confiding to it all the notes on those little scraps found everywhere around here. I haven't tried importing any templates yet. I used to love the way that patterns could be discerned and new insights gained from various aspects of Tornado / Infoselect. If I write something down, I'm likely to remember it forever (unless it's a string of numbers; even then, there's a better chance of remembering numerical information if it's been written down). Information that comes through the ears is soon forgotten unless it's a live music performance. Information that's read is likely to be remembered. The same's true for what's seen. Writing it down is the magic key; keyboarding it reinforces the memory; being able to sort and search and locate is a bonus.


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