Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This seems as though it's bullion laid on and tacked down in various places. It's one of a pair of embroidered objects that came to us as gifts from Turkey. The pattern on each is the same, but it's very clear that they were executed by different people. The fabric is a sateen of some sort. They're either pillow shams or nightdress cases. This shows one quadrant of the front of one of them. The metallic embroidery material is not silver in color; it's gold. The red is a warmer tone, not captured well by the stupid free all-in-one that I'm now being forced to use instead of my faithful H-P scanner that I can't get to initialize with this equipment, at least not yet. It's difficult to find much on line about embroidery in any detail, surprisingly, and especially not about bullion and bullion work. I did reacquaint myself with stumpwork, though.


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