Monday, September 11, 2006

La vida no vale nada

This was found at the library. The black-and-white photograph was one that would have suited a 'forties film noir, but this turns out to be from 1954 or 1955. Pedro Infante won the Mexican equivalent of an American Academy award for this performance. The imdb and others that use its summations have got it all wrong, describing some other movie altogether. This is a picaresque tale divided unevenly into episodes. The print of origin was not a very good one, or at least was better in some parts than in others. There are at least two famous songs from this movie and then there was another that may be famous but wasn't familiar to me, about a tree, but I haven't yet found anything about it. We especially loved the first episide, which was quite anti-clerical in tone. The second had a great bakery scene. The third major sequence was very operatic (it would have been Italian verismo). No movie sites found have much information about this movie or say anything useful; the best is this excerpt from Loving Pedro Infante, by Denise Chavez (also available from the library).


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