Thursday, January 11, 2007


In the current Esquire is a piece on Ramsey Clark, now 78, photographed in his City galley-like kitchen. Sharing the photo with him are two Revereware copper-bottomed saucepans with the classic scrolled handles. They even appear to be gleaming all over, top (stainless steel) and bottom (copper). Periodically, someone who shall remain nameless ruins the favorite teakettle and we order a new one from Callahan's General Store, but I see that it's possible to order one direct. The Clarks' pots appear to be from the same vintage as ours (mid-'Sixties). The only thing that ever, ever goes wrong with them is that, if one of the fasteners for the handles gets loosened and isn't noticed, it can be lost, but the handles stay on anyhow. With these and a variety of cast-iron items, from popover pans to deep fryers to Dutch ovens to skillets in a range of sizes, there's nothing that can't be prepared. Somewhere along the line, some professional-weight pots and pans were acquired. Unless there's something to be simmered at extremely low heat for hours, though, they defer to the Revereware, much easier on the shoulders, elbows, and wrists.


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