Thursday, February 22, 2007

What belongs in this series?

Who now alive remembers the fuss over Sputnik or has heard the recording called Telstar? We were laughing about plant-variety names from the Jet Age and the Space Age. We haven't seen any flowers from Jetfire yet, although it does return faithfully every year and has done so now for a couple of decades. I think that, back when we used to grow more than cherry tomatoes, some of the tomato varieties also had skyward-looking, modern-age names. Were two of them Jet Star and Supersonic? We have some April Tears or Hawera blooming now. We hope to see Baby Moon, Minnow, and Jack Snipe one of these times. Our very first poet's narcissus opened today, along with a second blue anemone. Late this afternoon there were gulf fritillaries to be seen. The eastside robins were not calling, perhaps because they were so busy scuffling for food.


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